Good Planning and Hard Work; Two Critical Keys to Prosperity

What are two keys to prosperity?

“By the book” tells us that there are two keys. Number one is good planning. Number two is hard work. So good planning and hard work, lead to prosperity.

Don’t we all know people who are great at planning? They have these elaborate plans, they have these flow charts and elaborate diagrams with their goals charted out and color coded and in a binder. They can tell you exactly what they want and when they want it, and how they’re going about getting it. But yet, it’s all talk. There’s no action. 

In a similar way, we also know those people who are hard workers, but they don’t really take the time to think about what they’re doing, how they could do it better, why they’re doing it, or what the end result is that they are going for

Both are important. We have to have a very clear cut goal of what we’re going after. We have to know exactly what we want, we have to have clarity of focus. We have to have the plans to implement it, but then we have to put action to those plans to bring them about.

Planning without hard work will not take us to prosperity, nor will hard work without good planning take us to prosperity. 

Think of another example; the individual who has earned a lot of money from their hard work, however, they also lack the discipline to invest it wisely. And they spend everything they have and more. Almost before they earn it. 

If we have a plan of where we are going to put the money, of how we are going to invest it, of what the end result is, we will enjoy prosperity. Both are critically important. 

So let me ask you, do you engage in both? Are you more of a planner? Are you more of a hard worker? Do you have a clear cut goal for what you’re going for? Do you know the steps, the actions you need to take to reach a goal? And are you putting them on your calendar? If I were to see what your day looks like and how you’re spending your time would it reflect that you’re actually moving towards your goal, that is a priority for you? 

So today, take the time. Think about what it is you truly want. Think about the steps you must take to reach that goal. And then also take those necessary actions to move you closer to those goals. “By the Book” tells us that good planning and hard work, lead to prosperity. 

Here’s to a prosperous future for all of us at “Our Future Best.” 

Now go out and make today, an Amazing Day!