Do You Hear It?

Do you hear it?

That great sucking vacuum sound?

The sound of a Lack of True Leaders.

Wake up and smell the coffee friends. 

There is a Leadership Vacuum EVERYWHERE today.

Oh sure, we have Plenty of people in positions of power and authority looking after their own personal interests. Pushing their own agendas, padding their bank accounts, seeking perks.

But relatively FEW True Leaders. Leaders who Lead–not manage (and there IS a difference).

Leaders who lead based on values and who put others first. Leaders who value the people they lead. Leaders who desire what is best for all, not best for the few.

We see it almost everyday now. 

Leaders cashing out and stepping down.

Leaders who have raped and pillaged companies and organizations and governmental positions to enrich themselves and who then step down when there is a desperate need for true Leadership.

Individuals who were smooth talkers and heavy spenders who bribed, bought or maneuvered their way into a position of authority who lacked any real skills to lead.

Who view leadership as a license to steal, or to push their agenda rather than to represent the people or the mission.

So what can YOU do about it?

Write the editor or your congressperson?

Post on social media? 

Don’t be naive.

That may give you a temporary sense of doing something. 

But accomplishes absolutely Nothing.

No my friend. The need is far greater.

You. Me. And others must NOW step up and step out.

To meet the need for leadership, WE must lead.

How do you do that when you are on the bottom of the pile or the middle of the heap?

You begin.

Where you are, with what you have.

You develop you.

You develop your influence.

You learn to lead you, and to hold yourself to a higher standard.

I don’t care WHAT field or career or profession you are in.

I don’t care what your passions are or your mission is. 

If you are a values based and people centered individual, the need is NOW for you to develop your leadership ability and to begin to lead NOW. 

To accept personal responsibility to help fill the leadership vacuum.

I invite YOU to join the movement of becoming Transformation Leaders who make a difference when it matters.

You can spend your time pointing fingers to fix the blame.

Or you can spend your time preparing yourself to fix the problem.

My associates and I stand ready to pour into you the leadership values and principles that have proven themselves sound for lifetimes. Foundational values and principles that are universal.

The need is tremendous for leaders today and going forward.

The best time to have begun was yesterday. The second best time to begin is NOW.

But let me warn you first. 

It WILL cost you something. Time. Effort, Getting out of your comfort zone.

It will require you to invest in yourself by using all of your resources more wisely.

It will require you to become a contributor and a producer rather than a passive consumer.

It WILL be worth it. 

For you. For your peers. For your children and for future generations.

It will require you to take action now. 

YOUR leadership is required.

Let’s partner together to Transform the World. 

For the good of ALL. Not just the few.

Are YOU in?

Transformation Leaders

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