“Steve’s combination of skill, expertise and passion with John Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership was exactly what we needed to increase our effectiveness as leaders on our job and in our personal lives. Steve’s ability to take each law and break them down and show us how to apply the laws to our staff was incredible. Steve has always displayed a high level of professional ethics along with willingness to coach individuals from where they are to where they want to go. I am confident that he could increase the leadership effectiveness of your staff.”

-Jeremy Graves, Senior Operational Training Manager, Learning Solutions at United Health Group


“I love personal development. Also the accountability of the group; relationships have grown through transparency. I like challenging myself and implementing change.”

“When Steve talks—it’s gold! Be a sponge and absorb it all! I have thoroughly enjoyed going through this training.”

-Brittany  C., Black Status Manager with Younique Cosmetics (and leading an organization in excess of 400 salespeople)


“The training has helped me in my position as a team lead at work to really pour into my colleagues. It has also helped me to become a better listener. It has helped teach me how to develop other leaders, and to encourage and support my team.”

Erica, Healthcare Industry


“I truly valued this because in my personal and professional life this is going to elevate how I’m going to interact not only with my customers but also with my friends. My relationships are going to be strengthened by this training.”  

Jeremy,Manager with Bank of America


“This training has helped me become more intentional in general at work, realizing that what I do has importance and impact. It has helped me gain confidence in leading and helped me to realize strengths and weaknesses I hadn’t necessarily noticed before and embraced.”

M. H. Design Consultant with Furnitureland South


“I love being able to apply this training immediately in my career….I believe not only the training, but the conversations that emerge are priceless. Steve helps you apply these principles almost immediately and holds you accountable by asking about the application. Anyone can take this training and develop themselves.”    

Anthony, Chick-Fil-A Director


“We would like to thank you for bringing The John Maxwell Global Youth Initiative program to the children in our after school program at Leonard Center.

Your presentations of Anti-bullying and Leadership Lessons were comprehensive and beneficial to our youth. Your lessons in character development, positive self-image and in understanding how to, as you say, fail forward to success have greatly enriched their lives.

The children have not stopped talking about your visits. Your efforts helped build self-esteem in a few children that we didn’t know had a voice.

Our door will always be open for you to bring the Youth Initiative to future youth programs at the center.

Our sincere thanks,

Ms. Linda Marsh

Director, Leonard Center

Greensboro Parks & Recreation Department


“At Piedmont Chapel we have seen a lot of growth in our attendance over the past six months. As a result, the need for leaders has increased dramatically. We contacted Steve to help us train some of our emerging leaders about 3 months ago and we could not be more thrilled with the results! Since he began training them, we have seen tremendous growth in each of their lives. Our leaders from that group are now more confident, better decision-makers, and ultimately leading their groups and teams much more effectively. Steve has the amazing ability to draw the best out of each individual–whether one-on-one, or in a group setting. If you are looking to take your personal leadership, or your team’s ability to the next level, I would HIGHLY recommend using SteveLewey.”

Noah LaRoe, Executive Pastor


“I had the pleasure of working with Steve Lewey on a regular basis in the context of our local church. With the help of Steve, we have been able to equip leaders and build healthy teams at a rapid pace.

The results have been beyond satisfactory here in Greensboro, as we have been able to grow our organization with his development of leaders and teams. …He sees potential in people and knows how to coach them to becoming their best.

In our time working together I have enjoyed that Steve has a great sense of humor and he is liked by everyone. His positive attitude drives others toward success. I highly and gladly recommend him for your team.”

Mitch Lunceford

Lead Pastor | Piedmont Chapel