Did you know that you are divinely designed; that within you, there is a God Code?  We’re here to help you unlock the God Code within you and bring forth the Divine Design that is within you.

Hi, my name is Steve Lewey and today is December 24–Christmas Eve. This is a day that we who are believers in Jesus Christ celebrate and commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. 

Now what does Jesus Christ and His birth and Christmas have to do with the God Code within you and the Divine Design process? 

Quite a bit actually. 

We read in the account of the creation that we as individuals are created in the image of God; that is why we are Divinely Designed. And that is why we have a God Code within us. 

The problem came about because we also had an enemy. And if we were to put this in more modern terminology and think of computers. It is as if we had someone send us a Trojan virus or some type of malware, a bug to corrupt our system. 

We have an enemy who put in a flaw, a design flaw a, a bug, a virus, so to speak, a computer virus within the God Code within us. And over the course of time Christians have referred to that malware within us, as sin, which does not allow us to operate fully or to function fully at our optimum best. It corrupts the whole system. 

The beauty of Christmas in the coming of Jesus Christ, is to root out that problem, to correct that bug, and correct that bad programming that has been placed within us under which we’re operating. 

It’s because of that bad programming; that flaw that many of us don’t realize who we are. We fail to live up to our full potential. We do not realize that we do have a God Code within us because we’re no longer able to recognize what the truth is. We have been corrupted. 

The beauty, the joy of the Christmas season is that Jesus Christ came to correct that computer flaw, to make us right with God, so that we can fully fulfill the Divine Design within us; that we can fully unlock the God Code within us. 

You could say that Jesus Christ is the master key to unlocking the God Code within us. 

How do you go about applying that specifically to your life? It begins with recognizing that the God Code within us has been corrupted, that we have been operating under faulty beliefs that do not serve us. That does not allow us to see ourselves as who we truly are. 

That we are unable to accomplish what we truly want to accomplish. Because the whole system has been corrupted. Recognizing that there is that disease of sin within us that does not allow us to reach our full potential on our own, and recognize that Jesus Christ is a solution to that problem.

In fact, history tells us that Jesus Christ was crucified–killed–in order to bring about that correction of the God Code within us. Correction begins with acknowledging that we are separated from God and that we cannot fully live up to our purposes, our potential. We cannot fully unlock that God Code within us because of that corrupted file within our operating system called sin. 

And then, acknowledging that and realizing that the only solution to our problem is allowing Jesus Christ to come in and unlock the God Code within us. 

That’s kind of a simple explanation of what happens, but it is true. And we’re here to help you to unlock the God Code and to fully and completely live out YOUR Divine Design.

It all begins by  allowing Jesus Christ to come in and unlock God Code within. 

We’re here to help you. We have resources available for you.

Have you allowed Jesus Christ to unlock the god code within you?

Merry Christmas!

Make today an Amazing Day.