Did you know that you are divinely designed–that within you, there is a God Code?

We are here to help you unlock that God Code within you, help you to discover and bring forth the Divine Design within you. 

We read that man is created and woman is created in the image of God. We also know that God is a creator. So we begin this series on discussing the laws of creation, as it relates to our Divine Design and the God Code within us. 

Unlike God we cannot speak things into existence from nothing to something, but our words do have power, and we are able to implement the laws of creation in our own life and bring about what we desire. 

The first law that I would like to speak to, regarding the law of creation is what I call ILLUMINATION. 

We read that in the beginning, God created heaven and the earth. The earth was without form, and void, and darkness was on the face of the deep. And God said, Let there be light and there was light. 

The first thing that God did was to bring light to darkness, and to separate the two. This speaks to the importance of having clarity in our life. We go into a deeper dive of the law of illumination and clarity in our β€œUnlocking the God Code Within You” course, but I want to give you a few simple things you can do today to begin bringing for clarity in your own life. 

This sounds very simple but it’s very powerful exercise: I want you to create two lists. One list of things to do, which we all already have plenty of things to do, but you may not have a β€œto don’t” list.

What are those things that you no longer want to do; that are not serving you; that are pretty much a waste of your time? You know that there are certain desires, certain dreams, certain passions within you that you feel that you are put here on this earth to do. There’s a certain gifting within you– a calling on your life that you are expected to bring forth and share with the world. You know what that is. 

Those are the things that need to be on your to do list. 

Now I know that we have other obligations and commitments, as parents, as husbands and wives sons, daughters, family members, friends, employees– there are a lot of demands on our time. 

But we have to make sure that  which is unique to us; our calling;  does get put on our to do list and more importantly it gets put on our calendar. A specific day, a specific time that we treat with just as much importance and priority as we would any other appointment we have put on there, such as  a doctor’s appointment, an interview, whatever it may be, and we treat the calling on our life with an equal amount of importance in priority. 

Put those things on your to do list. 

On your to don’t list there may be some things that you need to put aside. The story is told of a concert violinist, who had asked, How was she able to become so well known. She said that when she was in school she realized that she was spending the first part of her day cleaning her room and then practicing her violin, and she decided to switch that and began practicing the violin, first, and then she cleaned her room. 

Some days she did not get to clean a room, but she did get in violin practice. 

In the same way,  you may have to leave something undone, a day or two, in order to make sure that you spend time on your calling. 

That is the importance of clarity; of illumination. Beginning to focus on what is truly important, and knowing what those important things are. 

That’s one of the first steps we can take in the law of illumination as relates to the law of creation, which is part of our Divine d\Design and  the God Code within us. 

We will continue this next time. 

Now go out and make today an Amazing Day!