Did you know that you are Divinely Designed, that within you, there is a God Code? 

We are here to help you unlock that God Code within you, help you to discover and bring forth that Divine Design within you. 

We are talking about the law of creation as it relates to our Divine Design. We said that God is a creator and that we as individuals, formed in the image of God also share in that creative ability. Now while we don’t have the ability to call forth something out of nothing as God does we do have the ability to speak life over our lives and to bring forth that which we desire. 

So, there are elements within the law of creation that we can apply and put into practice in our life. Today we want to look at the law of creation as relates to Division. 

On the second day of Creation we read that God divided the waters above from the waters beneath. So there was a separation of what was above from what was below. You could call these priorities. We touched on this the last time when we discussed the importance of a to do list and a to don’t list. 

But even on our to do lists, there are certain things that deserve greater attention, and more focus than others. The second law of creation– the law of division has to do with both priorities and identification; determining what is the good, the better and the best and choosing to focus on that which is going to bring us more closer to our goals than those which may help but may not be quite as crucial. 

You know, it’s easy to want to do those good things, those easy things because we can check them off of our list, and have that sense of accomplishment. But activity doesn’t always move us that closer to our goal. We can be active and get a lot of things done but they don’t really move us closer towards our goal, to our end in mind, to bring forth our purpose, our calling to those who need it most.

I want to encourage you to look at your to do list, and to begin categorizing what is truly the most important thing on there. If you could only get one thing done on your to do list today, What is that one thing that would move you closer to your goal? 

Then if you could get that one thing done what would be the second thing that would be most important on that list. And then the third– if you can get three of your items on your to do list accomplished in a day, you’ve made great progress, but we have to know what those are. 

That is part of the law division which is an aspect of the law of creation, all a part of bringing forth our Divine Design and Unlocking the God Code within us. 

So, today, as you look at your to do list, determine which ones will move you closer to your goal, to your calling, to your vision and to your purpose that make up what you were placed on this earth to do, and focus your energies your time, your focus on those, one, two or three things. 

That’s the law of division as it relates to priorities and identification. Part of our divine design. 

Now go out and make today an Amazing Day!