Did you know that you are Divinely Designed, that within you, there is a God Code. We’re here to help you unlock that God Code within you to bring forth the Divine Design within you; to help you bring forth that which is placed within you that the world desperately needs. 

We’re talking today about the fact that we as humans are created in the image of God. God is a Creator God and so we have the ability to create. Unlike God we’re not able to bring something from nothing but we are able to bring forth things in our life, we are able to speak life, favor,and blessing into our life and to bring about new things. 

We have been spending some time looking at the laws of creation. Today we want to talk about the law of Seasons. Look around, and observe life, the course of a year. We have winter, spring, summer, and fall, each season is unique. 

If you think about winter. It often looks like everything is dead except for a few flowers like pansies that are bringing forth color. There’s usually lots of snow on the ground. The trees are bare with exception of the evergreens, and there’s not a lot of apparent activity. It’s almost as if the trees and nature itself is resting and preparing and getting ready for the next season. 

Then we think of spring when new life bursts forth. We observe new growth on the trees and new leaves and flowers, and there’s just a buzz of activity. And of course we next have summer. There’s that continuing process of the growth that was begun in the spring. 

And then in fall the leaves fall off the trees and they change colors. And we bring in the harvest of vegetables. And then we would begin the cycle all over again, 

There are seasons to the year, there’s also seasons to our life or seasons to our calling. 

Have you identified those cycles within your calling? 

My brother in law is a mechanic and he’s noticed there are certain times of the year that he is busier than others. So he has planned his life accordingly. Sometimes when life is somewhat slower, at work, he spends his time taking care of projects at home and around the yard. 

He loves to fish, and that’s important to him so he has time that he scheduled in for fishing; and so he plans his work accordingly. So he’s aware of the seasons and adjusts his work. 

The same is true for your calling. There are certain times of the year that will be busier than others. Realize that on a consistent basis that there are times that you need to rest, to prepare, to implement, and  that you need to harvest. 

So I want to encourage you to take the time to identify those seasons, those cycles that are unique to your calling and to your purpose.  Begin to identify those seasons and determine how you can maximize and get the most use out of each season, realizing that it is a season. That is not a permanent part of your life it’s just a season of your life, a season of your calling, a time when you choose to use that season for that which it is designed and to achieve the maximum and most productive use of that season for your calling. 

So what are the seasons in your calling and in your life?

We go into greater detail with the importance of seasons in our course, “Unlocking the God Code Within You” and “Divinely Designed.” But this will get you started.

 Now go out today and make today an Amazing Day!