Did you know that you are Divinely Designed; that within you there is a God Code? We’re here to help you unlock the God Code within you and to bring forth the Divine Design that is within you.

We believe that you have a unique purpose, a calling on your life, and that the world desperately needs that which only you can offer. We believe that we as humans are created in the image of God. God is a Creator and like God, we can create things–results in our life. We may not be able to create something out of nothing, but we are able to bring forth results, we are able to speak words of blessing and and life and abundance over our lives and those that we love. We’re here to help you do that. 

We’re looking at the law of creation and today we’re examining that aspect of the law of creation that has to do with associates.

As you go forward and bring about your purpose, your calling, you’re going to reach a point where you have more to do than you have hours in the day. You need individuals to help you bring forth your calling fully. You need associates. 

Now this could be through hiring someone on a part time basis in your calling. It could be hiring a virtual assistant. It could be finding someone that will assist you with tasks around the home. 

Maybe you need to devote more hours to your calling, and you can free up those hours by hiring someone to take care of the yard or to come in and clean the home to sit with your kids. 

Or maybe you need someone to do research for you. And you hire someone off of Fiverr. Maybe you determined that you need someone to design a logo for you, or you need someone who can manage social media for you. 

Perhaps you need an individual to assist you with doing simple repairs on cars like oil changes, while you focus on the more difficult repairs like a brake job or working on a carburetor . 

Examine your work. Examine your purpose, examine your calling and determine what is it that you uniquely need to do and that only you can do? What are those things that you can delegate out to others who may be able to do it better than you. at a lower price and you would be using your hours to do what you are best equipped and trained to do? 

I knew an individual once who was in sales. He was very successful in sales. He was probably averaging about $1,000 or more per hour. And he said it was foolish for him to spend time doing something that he could hire someone to do for 12 to $15, an hour. Why would he spend his time doing 12 to 15 dollar per hour work when he was capable of earning $1,000?  It would be better for him to spend his time earning the $1,000 and paying someone to do those administrative tasks for him. 

So what can you do in your calling? What are  those things that you are doing but you really don’t do them that well and they don’t really support you as much as your primary thing, and they’re actually kind of a drain on you? 

Who can you bring along to help you? Who are those associates you need to work with you to bring about your purpose, your calling into life? 

We go into greater detail and all of these laws of creation in our “Unlocking the God Code Within You” course. Please check it out. 

Now go out today and make today an Amazing Day.