Did you know that you are Divinely Designed, that there is within you a God Code? We’re here to help you unlock that God Code within you to bring forth that Divine Design that is within you, that calling, that unique purpose within your life that the world desperately needs. 

We believe that you and I, we humans are created in the image of God. And God is a Creator. Therefore we also have a creative ability. We’re able to bring forth results in our life. Now while we are not able to bring forth something out of nothing, we can create results and we can proclaim life, blessing, and favor over our lives, and those that we care about. 

As we look at the law of creation, we’ve been looking at different aspects, different elements of the law of creation. Today we want to talk about the law of creation as it relates to rest. 

We read that after completing creation, that on the seventh day God rested. He took the time out to review, to reflect, to enjoy the work he had done the previous six days. We have heard that all work and no play makes Joe or Jane a dull person. 

We cannot spend all our time constantly creating, constantly at a high pitch or fast pace, constantly creating. We need a time to get away, to step away to clear our minds and to be refreshed, to be renewed, so that we can come back with a greater sense of focus, a greater awareness of renewed energy for facing our task of bringing forth our best work. 

So we cannot always keep up that pace of creating, working,and producing. We need consistent and regular times of rest. We need to enjoy the work of our hands. The work of our minds whatever our work is we need to take the time out to enjoy that–to enjoy the benefits and to be with those we care about most, whether they be friends or family. To spend one day a week. getting away from that which is our primary focus to clear our mind.

 How are you doing? Are you observing a day of rest? 

I’m not saying you have to go sitting at church for eight hours, I’m saying, Are you getting away from your purpose, your calling, and just freeing your mind, doing something completely different. Getting a fresh perspective on your calling and on your life, but not thinking about it. 

By being with those that you’re doing it for.

So I want to encourage you to schedule time this week for your day of rest.

Now go out and make today an Amazing Day.