Did you know that you are Divinely Designed that there is within you a God Code? We’re here to help you unlock that God Code within you and to bring forth the Divine Design that is within you. 

We have said that we as humans are created in the image of God and that God is a Creator God. We also have that ability to create and while we cannot bring forth something from nothing, we are able to bring forth accomplishments in our life; we are able to speak blessing, life and favor over our life. 

We’re looking at the law of creation, and we’re looking specifically today at what I’m going to call that aspect of creation: adornment, pleasure, or beauty. 

You know, many times, there’s a last finishing touch that we can put on our work that sets it apart. That makes it unique. Just a step above what all the others provide in the marketplace with whom we’re competing.

My wife is an interior designer, and she has shared with me that oftentimes she’s gone to a client’s home to assist and maybe the room was pretty much already all together but the only thing remaining was adding a piece of artwork or an accessory, or maybe just moving a few pieces to create a certain focal point. 

I’m not suggesting that we spend endless time tweaking our work, and never putting it out there, but I am saying that before we sign off it is worth a final look over and to ask if there is anything I can do to make this better? That commitment to continuing improvement is important. 

For example, maybe you’ve taken your car to the shop before for repairs. You notice that in addition to doing the mechanical repair they provide you with a complimentary wash and vacuum cleaning of your car interior. They didn’t have to do that, they went above and beyond.It stood out as being something memorable and something special. 

So what can you do in a similar way, in your work? What finishing touchcan you add?  What beauty can you add to your work? What will set it apart, make it unique, make it different, make it better? 

Again, I am not suggesting that you spend endless time and never ship your work or get it out there; but do a once over make sure that this is your better work, if not your absolute best– at least better than what’s out there. 

That’s the law of creation as relates to adornment beauty and pleasure. Let’s  examine our work for how we can make it better. 

Now go make today  an Amazing Day.