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Did you know that you are divinely designed; that there is within you, a God Code?

Sure you do.

We just tend to forget that.  We read that God is a Creator God– that God created man and woman in His image, which implies that you and I have creative ability. 

So the question arises: what are you creating, what have you created, what are you drawn towards creating?

Or have you buried that creative aspect of your nature. Have you allowed life to overwhelm you to the point that you no longer think about creating anything?

Well, I encourage you to take a moment today, to think about what you enjoy creating. 

Maybe you enjoy creating or restoring order, where there is disorder. 

Maybe you enjoy creating wonderful meals. Maybe you enjoy creating baked goods, or pastries. (We’re in the holiday season and it’s the time where a lot of people are baking goodies. So maybe that’s why I’m thinking that.) 

Other people are drawn towards creating works of art, poetry, painting.

Some people are drawn towards creating beautiful works of furniture or wood carvings.

Others are drawn towards creating order in the form of repairing mechanical objects.

Still others are drawn towards creating better relationships among other people; towards creating healthy lives, healthy habits through, fitness and exercise and herbal supplements or better diets.

You are created in the image of God. And you do have creative ability. The key is to uncover that. 

So, let me ask you to think back to when you were younger. What were you drawn towards what was just a natural interest you were drawn towards?

Many times we will find that our creative ability is hidden within those things that we have a natural affinity towards. 

So identify those things that you are drawn towards and begin asking yourself how can I create time in my schedule to allow my creativity to come forth in this area. 

The world needs what only you can bring to it. We need what you can uniquely offer to this world. 

We’re here to help you to do that. Our website has more resources to assist you. 

Now go out and make today, an amazing day, a creative day.