Leading and Developing Your Blue Collar and FrontLine Workforce

Every team member wants a great leader. And, every leader wants great team members. High Impact leaders understand the culture of an organization affects everything else – and culture starts with them. 

As a leader, your biggest frustration is likely disengaged team members. According to Gallup, only 34% of U.S. workers are engaged. Employee engagement is not only the key to increasing productivity, profitability, and teamwork, but it’s also the key to reducing turnover, costs, and frustrations for organizational leaders.

During this four week interactive Leadership Round Table Focus Group, we will be focused on Equipping. Equipping includes developing and leading our “blue-collar” and frontline facing workforce.

We have discovered that an equipped blue collar workforce results in an engaged workforce. When our workers are engaged, there is a reduction in turnover and an increase in productivity. Equipped and engaged workers begin with engaged leadership, who develop themselves and their teams resulting in transformation of the organization and the bottom line.

Great leaders grow their vision from “ME” to “WE.” People fail to equip, to develop and to build others due to a number of reasons. These reasons/excuses include the energy required, the underestimation of others’ abilities, the enjoyment of completing tasks themselves, the need to strengthen the ego by being needed, the habit of doing everything, the need to be in control and the inability to notice leadership potential in those around us.

Recognizing and building on the leadership potential in those around us and applying teamwork laws will help take others to a higher level by equipping them with the proper skill sets. 

Join us for this Leadership Round Table Focus Group meeting Virtually  one hour per week for four weeks. Our next training begins soon. Join our Transformation Leadership E-zine to receive the latest in training and to be notified of upcoming opportunities.

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Facilitated by Steve Lewey. Steve is a certified leadership coach and trainer who brings 25 years experience leading blue collar workers in manufacturing, service,and retail industries. He is also a Founding Partner of the John Maxwell Team.