Today we have another powerful question for you to consider as you evaluate your priorities. 

My mentor Jim Rohn made the statement that if you don’t have a plan for your life, and you’re expecting others to have a plan for your life, guess what they have planned?

That’s right, not much.

Zig Ziglar, another mentor of mine asked: Have you ever noticed that those who don’t have anything to do want to do with you? 

The key to avoid the “not much plan” and the “not doing a lot today” plan of others is for you to have a specific plan for your day to day life.

One of the keys is asking the right questions. Previously we discussed the question of asking what is required of me? 

What is it that only I can do or that I should do? In my role as a spouse, as an employee or employer…what is required of me? 

Today we want to ask a second question, and that is 

What provides the greatest return?

Think about your time like you would your money. If you, if I were to say to you. Let me have $10,000 for the year. And I’ll give you $20 at the end of the year. Or if I said,

$10,000, a year and I’ll give you $2,000 at the end of the year which would you choose?

 Well, obviously you would choose one that gives you the better return. Time is similar in that you want to spend your time where you get the biggest return.  

That may mean that rather than spending your time doing something like filing or paperwork. Maybe you need to be having more face to face time with your clients because that gives you a greater return, brings you closer to closing a sale. 

So think about your day. Think about your activities, think about all the things you could be doing on any given day, and determine which one of those or which ones of those give you the greatest return. 

That’s the second question, the first question being what is required of me. Second question being, what is the greatest return. Think through these things, write down your thoughts and ideas and join us next time as we look at the third question. 

Meanwhile, make today an Amazing day.