Why is it that we often feel that we don’t have the time to do a job correctly the first time, and yet seem to think that having to do the job over; perhaps multiple times, is less time consuming?

For whatever reason, we don’t want to take the time to do the research, to check behind ourselves, to get another’s opinion, insights, or counsel. We are eager to get it out there and it just seems like too much bother to get it right.

I’m also not talking about the perfectionists among us (including myself at times) who NEVER seem to be ready, who want to have the job done perfectly. There is a point of diminishing returns where no extra effort is going to improve the project by any noticeable difference. Those who wait so long to get it right that by the time it is finally complete, it no longer matters. 

But somewhere in the middle is the place we want to be. Thoroughly prepared, polished, proud to put our name on it, knowing that it is some of our better or best work, though not perfect. 

You see, preparation and excellence in our work reveals something more about us. Something much more foundational than our work habits. Our work habits reveal our mindset. 

When we are diligent in our work, we show that we have an abundance and prosperous mindset. We aren’t in a rush, fearful that someone else will beat us to it and that we will miss out.

We prepare well, and put forth our best work within the time frame that we have to work with. We do our best, and send it forth. Confident in the fact that we are serving our clients well. Not merely to score a quick sale. 

Those who are willing to put out shoddy work with the hope for a fast buck tip their hand. They are plagued with a scarcity mindset; a view that there is only so much to go around. They fear that they will miss out if they wait until they can put out a quality product. 

What do your work habits reveal about YOU? Do you have a mindset of Abundance, or one of Scarcity and Lack?

Those who are diligent in preparation WILL get wealthy. And those who rush through are on a path to poverty.

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