Divinely Designed; Our Speech

Did you know that you are divinely designed; that within you is what I would call a God code purposely placed within you to become what God has uniquely designed you to become?

You know, as we read the story of creation in the book of Genesis, we read that God said, Let there be and there was, let there be and there was, let there be, and there was.

There is creative power in God’s speech. It also says that you and I are made in God’s image, and the implication is that our words also have power. 

Now, we not may not be able to do like God did as far as speaking worlds into existence, but our words still have power.

Raymond  Hollowell, in this book Working With The Law shares a story about a woman who is very wealthy, who had an estate with grounds, gardens and a beautiful view of a lake. But she always made the comment that she longed for having just a room with a suitcase to live out of; and nothing to keep up with. 

The story goes that eventually through bad investments, she ended up living in a room on the top floor of her sister’s home. Her life had become constrained to that what she had spoken.

Then we have the stories of a brain surgeon, a pioneer in brain health, who often made the casual comment that he would probably die of a brain tumor. And he did. 

So I have to ask, What are you telling yourself?  Zig Ziglar says that the most important conversation we have is the conversation that we have with ourselves. We may not believe what we hear from someone outside, but the thoughts that we constantly play over and over in our mind are what we really believe and what we act on. 

The challenge today in our Divine Design is to take a notice of, be aware of our thoughts. What is the conversation that you’re having with yourself?  Are you thinking and speaking abundance?t. Are you thinking and speaking life? Are you thinking and expecting the best to happen to you? 

Or are you expecting the worst? And then are you surprised when the worst seems to show up with regularity in your life? When we choose to control our thoughts, we can control our speech. And ultimately, we control our outcome. 

That’s all part of the Divine Design that is created within us, part of our God Code. Today, let’s take the first step of examining our thoughts and our speech.

Now let’s go and make today an Amazing Day.