Message to a Friend

My friend; have you had enough of chasing all the shiny objects–all the promises of easy money–all of the empty promises that never deliver? Of continually searching for that “magic object” that will result in the life that you long for? Empty promises of “this is the last thing you will ever need…” one more course or program that will complete the missing puzzle?

Weary of all the “gurus and experts”, of trying to be the square peg in the round hole? Of attempting the impossible, of investing in failure? Isn’t it about time that you answered the call to be…an original?

To be YOU. To be who you are. To bring YOUR gift to the world. To sing YOUR song?

Stop it. Stop listening to all the other voices. All the screaming barkers out in the carnival of life who only have as their aim the goal of separating you from your wealth. And I’m not just speaking about finances or money. Rather, the wealth of who YOU truly are.

You are Amazing. I created you that way. Quit trying to hide it, to deny it, to bury it under a basket or tuck it away in a box on a shelf. Let YOUR light shine. 

The world needs your light to shine. 

Keep growing. But stop waiting to begin. 

Forget everything but who YOU are designed to be. Be YOU. Not a copy. Not someone else. Be YOU.

Uniquely YOU. 

(This was dropped into my spirit a while back, and I felt compelled to share it with you today.)