Divinely Designed; Influence and Thinking

Did you know that you are divinely designed; that within you is a God Code?

We’re here to help you unlock that God Code to live more fully, the life that you are designed to fully live.

 We read the story of creation in Genesis that God said, “Let us make man and woman in our own image, and let them have dominion.”

 What we don’t realize a lot of times is that dominion does not necessarily refer to having dominion or authority over other people, but over ourselves– of being responsible for ourselves and of having influence to lead ourselves. 

So that brings up the question: who is doing your thinking? Are you thinking for yourself? Unfortunately, as I look around today I find that many people don’t truly know how to think; they’re not thinking for themselves. 

It doesn’t really matter whether we’re talking about someone who is conservative or liberal, whether they are religious or non religious, whether they are young or old, it seems that everyone is adopting the thoughts of some group with which they identify, rather than thinking their own thoughts. They’re not really leading themselves. 

And since they’re not leading themselves, How are they able to lead and influence other people? 

Let me encourage you today to begin taking note of what you are thinking. What thoughts are running through your mind? Do you check the social media, the news, the television, or your co- workers to find out what the prevailing winds are and that’s what you’re going to think about that day? Do you let the Daily News determine the course of your agenda, your outlook, your attitude, your philosophy of life, or are you thinking for yourself? 

As someone who is designed by God to lead and to have influence, we must be thinkers who think for ourselves. 

So again I ask, what are you thinking? What thoughts are going through your mind? 

Let me encourage you to grab some note paper and jot down throughout the day and throughout the next several days, those thoughts that are occupying your mind, and then ask yourself, is that really my thought, or is that some thought that I’ve collected along the way that really isn’t serving me in any capacity? 

You are divinely designed by God with a God Code. 

Now go out and make today an Amazing Day.

Divinely Designed; To Increase

Divinely Designed; To Increase

Did you know that you are divinely designed; that within you, there is what I would call a God Code placed within you by the Creator who has a specific purpose for your life. A purpose and a design that you and only you can bring to the world. 

One of the first mandates or commands that God gave to man and woman in the garden was that they were to be fruitful, to multiply, to fill the earth, to replenish the earth, to subdue the earth. Be fruitful, and multiply. Now I think being fruitful and multiplying has more to do with just procreation and creating more humans. 

A pecan ended up on my deck, a few winters ago. Now the closest pecan tree that I know of, is about three blocks away. What it was doing on my deck I have no clue. It appeared after a snowstorm. and I can only conjecture a squirrel decided to plant it there. 

If I were to plant this pecan, it would produce– in the right conditions–a pecan tree. And there would be thousands of pecans produced as a result of that one seed being planted. 

If I were to take some of those pecans that were produced and to plant them; I would have even more pecans. In fact, I would eventually have a whole orchard of pecan trees, producing millions of pecans, every year. 

That is a divine plan. The divine design is that we increase. 

We as humans are designed to always be expanding and increasing and become more. It is not the nature that God has placed within us or within His creation to only maintain or to go back, or to shrink. 

Think about any tree you want to think about. It is always growing tall and is always expanding. It’s always producing more and more. That is the nature of all creation. 

The only thing that can interrupt that would be an outside force that constrains it. For example, If I were to take a tree, a young tree, and place it in a pot and practice the art of bonsai upon it by trimming the roots clipping back the limb, it will cease to grow any larger.

Are you doing that in your life? Have you decided to give yourself a scaled down version of your life? Are you putting yourself in a small pot and limiting your growth? 

I think God’s intention for you, the Divine Design, the God Code is for you to grow and to increase. Environment has a lot to do with how much we grow, how productive and fruitful we are. 

If I were to plant this pecan tree in the wrong type of climate or in the wrong type of soil, nothing would happen. Lf I leave it in my drawer,It will always be a seed until it decays. But in the right environment. It grows, it produces, it becomes more and expands. 

And that is God’s intent. That is, the Divine Design that is the God Code created within you. 

We’ll be talking more about environments, and how to select the environments that are most conducive for your growth in the future.  

For today. I encourage you to examine your life, and ask yourself if you are growing. Are you multiplying, are you expanding?  Or are you shrinking back? If you are shrinking back, why is that, why aren’t you growing? 

Let’s make today an Amazing Day.