Divinely Designed; Influence and Thinking

Did you know that you are divinely designed; that within you is a God Code?

We’re here to help you unlock that God Code to live more fully, the life that you are designed to fully live.

 We read the story of creation in Genesis that God said, “Let us make man and woman in our own image, and let them have dominion.”

 What we don’t realize a lot of times is that dominion does not necessarily refer to having dominion or authority over other people, but over ourselves– of being responsible for ourselves and of having influence to lead ourselves. 

So that brings up the question: who is doing your thinking? Are you thinking for yourself? Unfortunately, as I look around today I find that many people don’t truly know how to think; they’re not thinking for themselves. 

It doesn’t really matter whether we’re talking about someone who is conservative or liberal, whether they are religious or non religious, whether they are young or old, it seems that everyone is adopting the thoughts of some group with which they identify, rather than thinking their own thoughts. They’re not really leading themselves. 

And since they’re not leading themselves, How are they able to lead and influence other people? 

Let me encourage you today to begin taking note of what you are thinking. What thoughts are running through your mind? Do you check the social media, the news, the television, or your co- workers to find out what the prevailing winds are and that’s what you’re going to think about that day? Do you let the Daily News determine the course of your agenda, your outlook, your attitude, your philosophy of life, or are you thinking for yourself? 

As someone who is designed by God to lead and to have influence, we must be thinkers who think for ourselves. 

So again I ask, what are you thinking? What thoughts are going through your mind? 

Let me encourage you to grab some note paper and jot down throughout the day and throughout the next several days, those thoughts that are occupying your mind, and then ask yourself, is that really my thought, or is that some thought that I’ve collected along the way that really isn’t serving me in any capacity? 

You are divinely designed by God with a God Code. 

Now go out and make today an Amazing Day.