Outside my office window, earlier this year I observed a cardinal building a nest. She laid her eggs in the nest.. And she sat on it consistently; faithfully for a period of time. 

But then one day I noticed that she flew away and I noticed that she would leave periodically but always returned to the nest. But this time, she did not return. The eggs were still in the nest, but she did not return. Later on I noticed that the eggs were missing so I went out to check and see if they had fallen out of the nest onto the ground below, but they hadn’t. 

Obviously, the eggs had been eaten by a predator, perhaps the neighbor’s cat or perhaps something else. But the eggs were no longer there. 

So what does this proverb have to do with us and specifically in areas of our finance, our fitness and our key relationships? 

Well the key principle here is about keeping our commitments, are we keeping our commitments to ourselves and to others who are depending upon us. 

When you think about these three areas of your life… are you keeping your commitments to them. 

Number one, are you keeping your commitments to yourself. Are there things that you have promised yourself that you would do, maybe in the area of your health, maybe you’ve committed to getting a certain number of hours of sleep each night. Or maybe to losing a certain number of pounds, or maybe to exercising consistently throughout the week. 

Are there commitments that you have made to yourself in regards to your health and fitness, that you are no longer observing. You’ve gotten slack. Well, in that case, it’s time to re-commit and pick up those healthy habits once more. 

What about your key relationships?  Are there commitments you’ve made to your spouse or to your children or to your friends that you have forgotten about?

Maybe you’re not being consistent. Maybe you’re not being committed to them as you should. Take some time to examine those key relationships and those promises that you have made to these individuals, these loved ones these friends. And to get back on track with keeping your commitments,


Have you agreed to pay off certain debts, but you’ve gotten slack?

How about your calling, your purpose, that which you felt a burden to accomplish; your sense of mission in life.

Have you forgotten about it? Has it gotten to be kind of inconvenient or life seems to be crowding it out. 

I want to encourage you to examine that once more, and to recommit. 

You know, We have to stay focused. We have to stay committed. We have to stay “on the nest” in order to guard that which is most precious to us from those who would come and steal it away from us. 

So how are you doing? Are you staying on the desk or have you flown away? 

We’re here for you. Visit us at SteveLewey.com, we have resources to help you. We are committed to helping you unlock your future best in the areas of fitness, finances, and key relationships. 

Meanwhile, go out and make today an amazing day.