The title is actually from a quote by an ancient master who lived in the middle east many years ago. 

And yet the wisdom is powerful even, and especially today.

Do YOU have a vision? Do you know what your preferred future looks like? Is it clear? 

Or maybe you are just busy living life and hoping that everything turns out ok for you and your loved ones in the end.

That’s sort of like driving down the highway, taking your hands off the steering wheel, and hoping you reach your destination.

More than likely, you will end up in a ditch. Or worse.

If you wouldn’t drive your car like that, why would you live your life like that?

A great life doesn’t just happen naturally. It must be planned. It must be monitored and adjusted continually.

Even with the best of intentions, life has a way of causing us to drift off course. Gradually. Imperceptibly.  We wake up one day and are surprised to find ourselves so far off course.

Years ago my Uncle Bill took my wife and I out on his sailboat. We were miles offshore in the ocean, and he allowed me to take the helm. He pointed out a landmark, and instructed me to steer towards it. 

I noticed that I had to continually make adjustments, steering right, then left, then right and left almost constantly.

The wind and the current were causing me to drift. Diligence, duty, and the desire to reach our destination kept me alert and continually adjusting.

The same is true of our life Vision. We must continually adjust our course. 

You see, the end goal will be the same, but the path to reach that goal may require changing, indeed, I can almost guarantee that it will require changing along the way.

Our path may change, but the goal, the vision remains constant.

How are you doing? Is your vision clear?

Maybe you could use some help. We have a Mission Statement Resource Guide available for you.